Hard to let go

It’s hard to let go of a book! Especially this one: Accidental Birds of the Carolinas. I have sweated over the words, the characters’ lives, their very souls, for almost 20 years.  I gave the okay to my publisher yesterday afternoon to send to the printer. And though there’s yet another “proof” to come, there’s no turning back, no rewriting, no words of wisdom remaining to say, as I let this piece of my life and mind and heart go into the world. Like sending 8 kids to college at once! I had empty nest syndrome for about six minutes. Then I immediately started cleaning up the piles in my office….worry not, there are many to keep me occupied!

A few phone calls to friends, a weak margarita, a dinner out with Sam, and finally a sweet sense of freedom, a glimmer of free days, before the weight of book promo comes crashing on my head. Okay, parts of that are fun too!

Celebrate with me! Read the title story, which Dawn Raffel kindly published at The Literarian at the Center for Fiction. Dawn is one of those New York editors who’s been shepherding fiction writers for years. I responded when she put out a call for manuscripts–and lucked out. Because it really is luck, in a magical combination with strong writing, that keeps this publishing machinery moving.

More on writing and book promotion to come, as I struggle through the maze.

6 responses to “Hard to let go

  1. whooo-hoooo! So happy to see this coming to be!

  2. Lovely description of letting a book go. Loved the title story, can’t wait for the rest. Congratulations!

  3. Thank you, Ellyn! How is your book tour plan going? You are headed my way, I think! I’m still figuring out my dates in Spartanburg and Greenville. Will let you know!

  4. Marjorie, just finished The Clearing. As a result, am sitting here on Father’s Day, in a rocking chair, taking deep breaths, thinking about the story, still smelling the smoke of the forest fire and the chill of the 50 degree water, and, well, knowing how Whiskey could love Liz. That’s a fine, fine story. I don’t see how it could be any better. The characters are finely made. Clearing is eat up with verisimilitude. I bought it, hook, line and sinker.

  5. Well, shoot, Rapture is a fine story, too. I mean The Clearing put a good hurtin’ on me and as if that wasn’t good enough, you had to knock me over with Rapture.

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