Clients and Workshop Participants

“The workshop is life-giving to me. I appreciate it and you and the women I’ve met there more than I can say.” — Kathryn Milam

I’ve been looking with new eyes at my process of generating stories and, these days, that includes a weighing of craft elements and how to use them in the kernel of a story. Love it!” Sherry Bader

“I’ve been to many workshops, some of them for a week at a time, and I wanted you to know I come away from your workshops and I am enthused and excited about craft all over again. You’re an excellent teacher and writer. It’s my pleasure to know you.” Nancy Purcell

“You have taught me so much. I could list so many things like POV and staying in tense, how to read like a writer, how to avoid draggy flashbacks, layered descriptions, networking, listening more, clarity, obvious things that were not obvious to me then . . . There are more. Many more. You have been a great gift in my life.” — Michelle Fried

“You are a wonderful teacher.  The craft talk and exercises that you presented last week were just what I needed to think about the Chronicles of Okra. ”  Judy Lessler, Harland’s Creek Farm

“Thank you for teaching me this past weekend.  I learned so much and truly felt your encouragement.  I’ve already starting studying all the short stories I can get my hands on, and this morning I was up at 4:00 am revising a piece of creative nonfiction using many of the suggestions you offered in the workshop.  Honestly, I feel as if a doorway has opened, and I want to run right through it. ” — Christine Mojica

“I can personally attest to the excellence of Marjorie’s instruction. She is a perceptive and encouraging teacher with a mastery of her craft and an exceptional ability to help her students elevate the drama and distinctiveness of their stories.” Brant Wansley

 “If I were clever with the technology, I would tie ribbons and bows all over this message, but all I can send is words.  When I finally had time to get out the critique you wrote for our meeting, digest it and study it with my notes, I was transported. In it I found a new package of tools to tackle my frustrated struggles. I know from my long years of teaching that the best present you ever get from a student is the words, ‘I get it.’  Well, I got it!”
— Penny Cockrell

Wow, you are a FABULOUS EDITOR!   I am going to take a long time with all the fine details that need changing, but I really love your suggestions…not even done with the notes and know this is a long journey with more historical facts, times, etc. solidly rooted. This is going to be a great challenge.  You went more deeply than I could have imagined, yikes.  Anyway, I think this project will be a long haul, but I am so glad you were so thorough.  I’m impressed.”
— Alice Johnson

“Your commentary and feedback is AWESOME! Ths is exactly what  am looking for. I really want to continue with this.  Thank you so much for including me!”Laura

“You will learn more about the craft of writing in a few hours than by days of reading craft books.” — Sandy Bruney, Anson County Writers Club

“This class is like rocket fuel for your writing life!” Michele Tracy Berger

Classroom Teaching

Marjorie’s class was superb…A model class: thorough, perceptive, and interesting.  Debra Spark, faculty, Warren Wilson College MFA program

Marjorie Hudson visited our campus to conduct a series of workshops focused on Blood Done Sign My Name and writing about personal and community histories.  She met with students, faculty, staff, and the college community for three delightful days, and in each session, she engaged participants with humor, sensitivity, and a keen sense of the value of personal expression.  Tom Howerton,  Johnston Community College

After working with Marjorie over the past two summers, I, too, would like to endorse her as an outstanding workshop leader, writing instructor, and mentor to emerging writers.
I have received nothing but positive feedback about Marjorie’s workshop from Focusing on Form participants, who have offered praise of her “warm and encouraging” instruction, and her ability to “deftly identify and explain the elements of creative nonfiction” and “present specific, concrete examples,” while remaining “sensitive to writers’ fears and strengths.” She has been called a “true advocate” of established and emerging writers, a characterization with which I whole-heartedly agree.
Not only has Marjorie welcomed and encouraged new participants to Focusing on Form, she has also inspired many writers to return to our program to experience her workshop a second time. Additionally, she brought with her an already loyal following and has done a marvelous job of promoting Focusing on Form on her personal website and blog.
In short, Marjorie went above and beyond my expectations for our workshop faculty. She took extra time with each participant to ensure that every writer got one-on-one feedback and guidance, and she provided all of her students with a full, rich week of writing and mentorship.
I would not hesitate to invite Marjorie to return as an instructor in our program; in fact, I have already received inquiries from participants who hope to take her workshop again and from writers who have heard about her workshop from previous participants. I have no doubt that Marjorie will be an inspiring and valuable addition to any program in which she participates. — Ashley Hogan, Director, Focus on Form Writing Workshop for Women, Meredith College

“Marjorie Hudson tells the truth about the process of writing and encourages other would-be writers by being so down to earth and candid about the joy and labor of her craft.” Georgann Eubanks, Director, Duke Summer Writers Program

“Marjorie Hudson visited my seminar on family history at Duke, Memories of Home: Oral History Explorations of 20th Century American Families, and gave an inspiring talk about how she came to write her book, Searching for Virginia Dare: A Fool’s Quest. She connected her historical work with her own search for family, pinpointing the moments in her quest when her research overlapped with her own family issues. She gave a lively, informative presentation to an inquisitive group of  Duke juniors and seniors at a point in the semester when they were embarking on their own family oral history projects. I know she helped them see how historical research could help them illuminate their own family issues–she was personable and insightful and gave them a wonderful glimpse into what makes for a meaningful writing project.”
 Spencie Love, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

” I want you to know that Currituck County High School was appreciative of your visit in August. It’s a rare opportunity to have a published author come and speak to students here; it was an invaluable experience for both students and teachers.”  Valerie A Person, CCHS English Department


“Marjorie Hudson is a delight to hear. She spins her tale in a leisurely but suspenseful manner. . .  Whether it was talking about what led to her research or the fascinating research itself, we were with her driving the back roads of North Carolina on the trail of Virginia Dare. . . A good talk inspires and this one made me want to get out there and scout the terrain myself.  So the following weekend off I went, Manteo bound, with her book on the seat beside me.”
— Christine Taylor 

“Folks around here are still talking about your lecture on Monday night.  Many thanks for coming and sharing your wonderful talents with us. ” — Adrienne Northington, Foundation of Wayne Community College

 Comments From Colleagues

“Marjorie Hudson possesses the instinct and intelligence required to reach a story’s best heart. I recommend her to any writer of serious work.”
Donna Gershten,  author of Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth, winner of Barbara Kingsolver’s Bellwether Prize

“Hudson’s critiques have been insightful, upbeat and generous. What’s more, I leave our meetings feeling nourished and enthusiastic about my writing.”Laura Herbst, fiction writer, memoirist

“Marjorie Hudson has been a true asset to me throughout my writing career.  She is a canny and thorough reader, a judicious and clearheaded editor, and an accomplished writer. She’s been my mentor from the early stages of my writing career to later successes with a Pushcart Prize winning essay and my memoir, RESCUING PATTY HEARST. She’s one of the best teachers and editors I know.”  Virginia Holman, Pushcart Prize-winning author of Rescuing Patty Hearst

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